Friday, March 3, 2017

fidget toy review

                                                  Fidget Toy Therapy Review

Fidget toys have been trending lately for the simplicity and cheapness it takes to create.Schools all around the county have been taken over by this trend,but did you know there are actual therapeutic benefits of using them?
Fidget toys can help anyone who suffers from Anxiety and encourage work while under stress while at a job or school.They are self-regulating,stress-relieving and calming tools that can be used subconsciously,which will continue the work flow.They come in many different shapes,sizes,colors,and textures.Even teachers and educators believe fidget toys improve attention.Instead of distracting other students,moving around the classroom or making unnecessary noises,they can channel that energy into something quiet and productive.
It helps by acting almost as a stress ball.It helps one part of the brain on the toy and the other focusing on instructions.
Another benefit is usability of the toy.They are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and should only be used with one,so you can write or take notes.As well as that they are also very durable and can take a lot of damage,making the already affordable
They are affordable,appeal to both genders and even easy to make.I suggest the fidget toy for anyone who has trouble focusing or just looking for something to do.


  1. I think you chose a great topic to discuss, i believe that psychopathology should be taken a little more seriously. A lot of people simply brush it aside and consider it "all in your mind". It really is all in your mind and that's why it should be taken so seriously. Kudos to you for choosing this as your blog topic.

  2. I enjoy your enthusiasm and energy about the fidget toy. The next time you do a post product pot you should probably put the price of said product. Also you should should put links or a video on how to make a fidget toy yourself since it is cheaper.Other than that i enjoyed how you explained the physcological health benefits of the fidget toy.

  3. I would like to see more research about the product's effectiveness. What do psychologists and behaviorists find about the use of this product? Without research, this just seems like a fad.

  4. I have a the cube fidget toy and some time i don't even remember I'm playing with it. It comes in handy some times. I would recommend getting one they are the best thing to have. I would like to see more research

  5. I enjoyed reading about this toy. What would be neat would be learning about a different kind of toy that could help with anxiety and so on.