Sunday, March 26, 2017

*A Healthier Solution

My assigned article is about the mental evaluations of depression and the different solutions how how to treat it.The article also argues that medication is not always the best cure for such illnesses but simple aerobic exercises and very small lifestyle choices can be make the difference of getting out of bed every day. Depression is the most common mental illness in the United States.It effects 25 percent of the overall population,a percentage which continues to grow over the years.The number of depressed patients filling doctors offices around the country have caused most people to go straight to medication and antidepressants because of how easy and fast they work on the body.Most people who choose this method of treatment do not consider the health factors of using these medications.Some psychiatrists have opted for healthier treatments to steer clear of antidepressants.
Studies conducted by qualified doctors have found a cheaper,more healthy way of dealing with depression.Exercising combats depression by enhancing endorphins in the body,which has a morphine-like effect on the brain.This will give the brain a more natural energy and an overall better mood while getting through the day.Exercise treatments can be as simple as jogging every day or any physical exertion,as long as the body is feeling somewhat the end of the day.This can give the person the feeling of accomplishment after a long day and knowing that they pushed themselves without the need for any type of medication can leave a great affect on the brain.The most important use of these treatments is to keep doing them regularly every day and continually pushing yourself to your limit.Having a plan of what and when your workout will consist of can give the brain a sense of obligation and desire.This can ward of the negative thoughts of lethargy and pointlessness.
While this solution has many benefits and simple plans,only 40% of those afflicted with depression choose this treatment.Most americans opt for medication straight away because of the supposed guaranteed “cure”.This lie perpetrated by most forms of media does more harm than good because of how many negative effects it can hold.Psychiatrists usually select a medication type solution straight away because it is easy and costs the person in need of help more money while exercise is free and cost nothing.It is much easier for a psychiatrist to have a 15 minute session with someone and prescribe them some sort of antidepressant than to actually think of the person's well being and mental health and give them an actually healthy and free treatment.
My opinion is for anyone suffering from depression to first try exercising the body and keeping healthy than to go for medication right away.Keeping healthy and energised is the first step to a happier life.

Friday, March 3, 2017

fidget toy review

                                                  Fidget Toy Therapy Review

Fidget toys have been trending lately for the simplicity and cheapness it takes to create.Schools all around the county have been taken over by this trend,but did you know there are actual therapeutic benefits of using them?
Fidget toys can help anyone who suffers from Anxiety and encourage work while under stress while at a job or school.They are self-regulating,stress-relieving and calming tools that can be used subconsciously,which will continue the work flow.They come in many different shapes,sizes,colors,and textures.Even teachers and educators believe fidget toys improve attention.Instead of distracting other students,moving around the classroom or making unnecessary noises,they can channel that energy into something quiet and productive.
It helps by acting almost as a stress ball.It helps one part of the brain on the toy and the other focusing on instructions.
Another benefit is usability of the toy.They are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and should only be used with one,so you can write or take notes.As well as that they are also very durable and can take a lot of damage,making the already affordable
They are affordable,appeal to both genders and even easy to make.I suggest the fidget toy for anyone who has trouble focusing or just looking for something to do.